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Chaney Valuation Advisors prepares independent, unbiased business and professional practice valuations for a variety of reasons including:

Estate/gift tax and other tax related business valuation needs:

  • estate tax related business valuation needs
  • gifting of closely held stock and partnership/LLC interests
  • family limited partnership and limited liability company valuation needs, including entities holding real estate, marketable securities or closely held common stock
  • buy-sell and shareholder agreements
  • business valuation for life insurance planning and funding
  • creation of non-voting stock in S-corporations for gifting purposes
  • stock options held by estates
  • restricted public stock held by estates
  • conversion of C-corporation to subchapter-S corporation status
  • preferred stock recapitalizations
  • valuation of intangible assets for purchase price allocation

Disputes and litigation-related business valuation needs:

  • divorce (equitable distribution)- businesses and professional practices
  • court appointed valuations in disputes
  • minority shareholder disputes and litigation
  • business damage assessment and determination
  • critiques of business valuation reports prepared by others
  • litigation consulting services provided to trial counsel in preparing to depose and cross-examine valuation experts
  • bankruptcy
  • reasonable officer compensation determination in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service
  • mediation
  • binding arbitration

Merger and acquisition and transaction-related business valuation needs:

  • employee stock ownership plans (ESOP’s)
  • purchase or sale of closely held business or business interests
  • management buyouts
  • leveraged buyout transactions
  • bank financing
  • financial restructuring and recapitalization
  • valuation of subsidiaries/divisions for spin-off/sale

Other business valuation needs:

  • valuation of stock options
  • valuation of restricted stock
  • valuation for phantom stock plans
  • valuation of non-standard company classes of debt, equity and preferred stock
  • valuation of notes, bonds and distressed securities for taxation, debt forgiveness, debt for equity swaps, and other purposes
  • shareholder value enhancement planning